08 August 2007

New job

It might not be the reason I haven't posted anything in a while, but I recently started another job. I'm doing sales & marketing at Motoworks. What do they do? Import motorcycles, accessories etc... and I must admit that it's a pleasure to be working in the moto industry once again.

What do you think about their logo? Not too bad is it? (I made it...). Website is on the way too... a few of them actually.


hpy said...

So what's the reason for not writing?
Congratulations for the new job.

mpy said...

Simple... not enough "computer time".

Anonymous said...

Long time no hear, no appear. Tell me then, how's the job working out?

mpy said...

Not too bad at all! It's always a pleasure working with motorycles. I did a few websites this week for them as well... www.tm-racing.co.nz and www.motoworks.co.nz

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I know. I miss life around bikes as hell myself.
Well, glad to hear that you're enjoying it. Carry ooon!