23 October 2007

King Kimi

...everyone does it so, I have to blog about it too!
Woo hoo... Great job, Kimi!


-r- said...

Hyvä Räkä! Can't wait for next season! Wohoo!!!

andy said...

Kimi Kong, Kimi Kong, Kimi Kong!

Annabel said...

I dislike Kimi intensely (anyone who gets his name written in his helmet in diamonds is a complete tit if you ask me!) but I have to say I'm glad he won. This season's been a farce with McLaren caught blatantly cheating, and having one of them win would have been even worse.
Of course everyone knows Ferrari are cheating scumbags too - but at least they don't get caught!

mpy said...

You don't like Kimi? Well, I know he ain't the most charismatic F1 driver, but he's still something different from the boring guys of F1. Actually the thing I like most about him is that he's NOT perfect! Far away from that! There's too many "polished" guys in F1 anyway. And it was his sponsor that had his name "Iceman" written with diamonds... Kimi is a normal guy. Did you know he races motorcycles and snowmobiles under the name James Hunt? How cool is that!

Annabel said...

I have to disagree ENTIRELY and point out a slight contradiction-in-terms in your statement "he ain't the most charismatic driver" but he's still "different from the other boring guys". In my world a lack of charisma means boring! Mika Hakinnen had difficulty in English but he was a great personality and so much more interesting than Kimi Yawn Raikonen. And SOOOO many other drivers are not boring at the moment - the McLaren drivers alone are about 10,000 times more interesting than Kimi - sounded like they almost came to blows and they actually gave real opinions to journalists. I don't think you could describe either of them as polished or boring! Then of course you've got Mark Webber who swore on international TV a few weeks back! And I haven't even kept up with F1 this year, so no doubt there are lots of other examples of F1 drivers being about a million times more interesting than Kimi. About the only person in F1 that I can think of in F1 in recent times who was more dull and polished was Michael 'I'd like to thank the sponsors' Schumacher - although even he managed to get into arguments and do controversial stuff. Nope I'm sorry - Kimi Raikonen is officially the most dull person in F1 for many many years!
And you can't claim I'm anti-Finn cos Hakinnen was my favourite driver in F1 for years!
Just cos he's dull, I still think he deserved the championship, though.

Bisous, A

mpy said...

Ok, let's rephrase that... he might not seem like the most charismatic driver, but he's something different compared to the other robots that appear to be more like politicians than racing car drivers. His interviews are ultra boring for sure... he doesn't care about that. But he can still surprise you, like when he was asked about why he didn't take part in the Schumi last race ceremony (like all the other drivers), he said "I was taking a shit" PC? No. The truth yeah. And he's always too drunk and not behaving well. F1 needs more drama!

And I don't love Kimi... only when he wins!

But admit it, you're just hating Kimi because your lover boy Jenson Button had such bad season :-)

A said...

OK, I do have to admit, my handsome fella has not been up to scratch this year! And yes, I'm bitter! Then again, maybe he's just waiting til I'm back in the land of 'F1 on poor-man's TV' before he wins that first world championship (ahem, it might happen, maybe!).

I like Kimi's excuse - I didn't hear that story! OK, maybe I need to start reading F1 magazines again, cos all I see is the interviews, and MAN is he dull then.

Hope you, e. and the little cutie are all well.